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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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officer who had been shot. he suffered a graze wound to the hip. >> he was telling him to keep his eyes open. they were rolling in the back of his head. no one was talking to him. he was by himself. >> police are trying to determine why dominic perry and herbert were killed. he was found on wedgewood road. >> they were sitting in the yard and they heard a loud bang. they were thinking maybe it was a firecracker or someone messing with fireworks. all of a sudden they heard like 10 gunshots. >> perry was found on the street and died on shock trauma. four-o'clocks 30 a.m., someone found anthony'sody a few doors down. >> there was no exit wound. he was shot in the side. i did not even know.
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he had heart. he ran halfway down the wedgewood, jumped over how many fences. >> the youngest of nine children and he and perry were friends. they do not believe the murder of the team is related to the shooting of the officer. they do not think the incidents are connected. >> we're investigating the motive behind this murder, and this point, we have nothing beyond speculation. homicide detectives are actively working the scene. we are talking to neighbors and people who might have been in the area. if anyone may have seen or heard anything, please contact detectives. >> commissioner fred bealefeld met with both families. perry's family denied comments. police are begging anyone who knows anything to call. 410-396-2100.
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reporting live from downtown, barry simms. >> please have identified the man whose body was found inside the trunk of a car. 29-year-old hassaan jahad frank was found on north gay street near collington square in east baltimore. branca at -- frank had been shot and right now there are no suspects or motives. >> july was a real scorcher of a month. august is starting out the same way. we are monitoring some severe weather in cecil county. tomtom supplier is tracking the storms from the 11 insta-weather plus weather center. -- tomtom sotomayor is tracking the storms. >> we just nudged out last july by a couple of tenths of a degree. an average temperature of 81.7 which included an average high
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temperature of 92.9 degrees. it was the most 90 degrees ever, 24 out of 31 at or above 91 degrees in the baltimore area. the heat is still around us. 100 frederick, 97 westminster. if you've thunderstorms are trying to cool things off and there are some showers and storms stretching across maryland. as stan mentioned, a severe warning in cecil county for the next few minutes out there. the storms are developing ahead of another front which will take the edge off some of the heat. i will detail that in the seven- day forecast. >> and now to washington where the latest debt deal has lukewarm support and angry opposition. the house is scheduled to vote in a few hours which puts the spotlight again on the top republicans. we are following the debate on
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capitol hill. >> the house will be in order. >> can speaker john boehner get enough republicans to say yes to the debt ceiling to deal? >> i have a big job to do here. >> many of the house republicans are skeptical. >> the problem is not the ceiling but the debt. the >> some democrats will vote no. >> no balance, no revenues. god forbid the and we would want the millionaires and billionaires to pay anything. what's the compromise would cut about $1 trillion in spending right away and form a new bipartisan super committee to find another $1.50 trillion in spending by november. if congress does not act, broad spending cuts will be triggered. no follow-up deal by december would mean cuts in defense spending, opposed by conservatives, and cuts in social programs opposed by liberals. >> it gives each party is a
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strong incentive to get a balanced plan done. >> do many democrats now expect tax hikes? >> the answer is not only yes but hell yes. >> i feel confident that this will pass. >> both sides are still scrambling for support. after the house vote committee senate could follow quickly. washington is more now on. >> this was a mess. no question. it was a circus at times. in the end, compromise won out. >> maybe. they still have to vote. the clock is ticking. midnight tomorrow with the deadline to avoid default. nbc news capitol hill. >> you may wonder what exactly is in the plan and we will detail what they are going through on you can tell us how you would vote on this agreement. click on "hot topics."
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>> supporters of the dream that have found a way to block of this. we are live in annapolis with more. david? >> dream act's supporters are citing these two arguments. putting a lot in that provides a referendum to the constitution is unconstitutional. opponents failed to collect enough valid signatures. >> maryland is not the only state. >> teachers, students, community leaders to all support the in- state break for undocumented students. they want to reverse the state board of election decision allowing voters to decide on a referendum question. the lawsuit contends that the law enacted by the general assembly cannot be put to referendum and that the petition to put it on the ballot failed to collect enough signatures. >> this is not a lot that can be put to the referendum of the
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voters because it provides directly funding for government programs. the petition sponsors did not turn an elite enough legally valid signatures to qualify this lot to be put on at the referendum valid. >> it alleges as many as 58,000 signatures as invalid. 44,000 of the applications that require the name, address, and birthday was not put in by the people but a computer program. 6500 signatures did not match the one on file. they allege circulators lied. the bottom line? those bringing on the lawsuit say the petition drive is 5000 signatures short. the supporters find it disturbing that opponents are targeting children. >> my son will benefit from
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learning among and with students from other cultures and countries. we live in a global economy and we cannot pretend that is not the case i sincerely hope that the court will hear our petition. >> petition organizers and a dream act opponents called the lawsuit "frivolous, desperate, and shameful." they say any attempt to disenfranchise voters is outrageous. from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a $21 million lawsuit will not go to court. the baltimore city congresswoman conaway says she has decided to drop her libel suit. this stems from a question regarding her residency about, not living in baltimore city. meister says he is glad to be able to express himself freely once again. >> you can book a table in a
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restaurant on line, but what about an emergency room visit? >> one hospital is doing just that. >> free birth control becoming a reality. the details around the historic new guidelines for women's health insurance. >> the latest on the new trend of the agglutinate free diet. -- a gluten free diet. >> helping young mexican people combat violence. that story's coming up.
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>> the maryland lottery is celebrating another record year. lottery sales topped $1.70 billion. the revenues supports initiative that makes the maryland lottery the fourth largest contributor. today they added $519 million to the general fund. power ball is an estimated $160 million this week and the drawing is on wednesdays and saturdays at 11:22 p.m. right here on wbal-tv 11. >> in tonight's "medical alert," we talked about major changes coming for women, bert control, and whose pays for it. -- birth control.
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it must cover preventive services without a deductible or in co pay which means women can be getting birth control pills and free of charge including emergency contraception like the so-called morning after pill. at 5:30 p.m., the details on the new law and those who may opt out of coverage. doctors may have found a way to ease cold little young babies, but we told you the story about dha, or fish oil, being important door pregnant women. a new study finds babies to have: did not last as long when pregnant mothers took dha. >> it reduced cold symptoms in the first month of life. >> the duration of the colds were also shorten the for babies up to six months old. many prenatal vitamins have dha,
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but as much as 400 mg appears to be safe and doctors will continue to study the children to see how the effects may last. one of the trendy die it's out there right now is the -- diets out there is the gluten free thrive. is removing it from your diet really better for you? that is in tonight's "woman's doctor." that feeds a looks good. it is -- that pizza looks good. it is out if you are on a gluten free diet. >> it can be in sauces, cookies, pizza dough. >> it can make it difficult to follow, but for those with an autoimmune disorder, it is essential.
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mercy medical center dietician kelly o'connor says it does have its advantages. >> you are generally eliminating a fair amount of processed foods, starches, so in that aspect, you are then limited to fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, chicken, fish. >> is gluten free necessarily better for you? >> it does not mean you are healthy, you are just avoiding gluten. there are things you can find that are not healthy in. >> it claims to improve your scans, gives you more energy, which it may do, but you still need to have a balanced diet and control your portions. exercise, just like with any other type of plan. >> can you imagine making online
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reservations for the emergency room? it is a trend catching on across the country for people who want to avoid waiting hours and hours to be seen. it is available for adults and pediatric patients not facing major health issues but minor things like a sprain. the emergency room could seat a surge in patients, the number varies daily. you are notified if they cannot see you and your appointed time. [inaudible] nurses say it helps them prepare for a patient's needs to better manage patient flow. if you sign up online and your symptoms are serious, they will call you to tell you to come in right away. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> august starting just one july ended. most of july turned out hot and
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humid but a couple of storms are popping up, especially on the eastern shore in cecil county, kent county and queen anne's county. some storms there could produce some large damaging wind. a pretty big storm here on the east side of interstate 83 drifting to the south and east. most of the metro area will have at least a chance for a shower and thunderstorm. on interstate 70, that may slow down the evening rush-hour in central and northern howard county. then further south near the sea watch out for these storms could flood low-lying areas and produce dangerous lightning. temperatures are fine for thunderstorms. look at this heat. just under 100 in frederick. 94 in hagerstown. just under 100 degrees in downtown baltimore after hitting 100 at the inner harbor. bwi marshall officially at 94.
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93 in salzburg. that factor in the muggy weather, and it feels quite warm. heat index in the 100-105 range. these are developing ahead of a weaker cool front. it will not be dramatic, but it could come through tonight and push top of the coast tomorrow to allow slightly less humid air and maybe a touch cooler tomorrow. you may feel a little more comfortable. after these evening storms, look for a clearing sky with the wind shifting to the no. 5-10 miles per hour. here is the front just south of the lakes. it is a little more comfortable behind the front and we hope to get in that air mass tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny, temperatures above normal, maybe made it 90's, but the northwest breeze should make it feel more tolerable. sunrise at 6:07 a.m.
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on the day, and northwest breeze, averaging one-two feet. bay water temperature still warm at 84. western maryland tomorrow, a nice looking summer day. storms rolling through tonight with lots of sunshine, low humidity, and 81 degrees at deer creek. warm temperatures around the bay. lots of sunshine for tuesday. in nice northwest breeze open over the land. right on the coast at ocean city, 90 degrees again. it will be warm with the wind is coming out of the west, northwest. the national hurricane center has a week, playing in the cluster of thunderstorms right now showing signs of organization and it may well become tropical storm emily in the next 24-48 hours. to some computer models are gaining strength as it gets into the system.
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this area of thunderstorms bears watching as it moves into some prime ocean territory and become strong enough to become a hurricane. we will get the report later this evening. sunny skies tomorrow. 93, lower the humidity. and i stay on wednesday for lowering the temperature and we may not hit 90. a shower or thunderstorm possible, then the temperatures stay more normal. upper 80's is typical, and we will have up thursday and friday. >> only 88? i might have to break out a sweater. he is one of the in during the pop culture figures even though he is more myth than man. >> the fbi has a new lead in the db cooper case. >> she sang about not going to rehab, but tonight the family of amy winehouse wants to start one in her memory.
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>> for 40 years, he has been the most elusive fugitive. the fbi has new leads in the case of the beat cooper. >> he parachuted from the jet and into american folklore as he has never been seen or heard from since. chris clackum has more. >> old evidence from the country's only unsolved hijacking that has provided the fbi a credible lead on the fate of the hijacker of the db cooper. he bought a ticket from portland to seattle the night before thanksgiving, 1971. in flight, he claimed to have a bomb and demanded money. on the ground in seattle, he released the passengers and ordered the crew to take him to mexico. once airborne, he jumped out with $200,000 in ransom money. some of the cash washed ashore along the washington columbia
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river, but he remained elusive. one fbi official says a tip has led them to a promising suspect whose fingerprints and dna are being checked against traces found on the old evidence like this clip on tie left on the plane. the author of a new book it says the out -- but he doubts the prince could provide a good match. >> the prince the fbi has been able to find are not the sin. >> the evidence has been sent to labs for testing. the fbi reportedly believes this new suspect is also dead. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, a look at today's top stories and the video that a lot of people are talking about. >> a landmark decision.
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>> live a, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. >> new tonight, one year from today, birth control will be virtually free. this is all because of some new guidelines issued today by the department of health and human services. erica edwards has more. >> starting august 1st, 2012, insurance companies will be required to approve all contraceptives without a co pay. this includes the pill, iud's, and the morning after pill. nearly half of all pregnancies in the u.s. are on planned. >> women with unintended
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pregnancies are less likely to seek prenatal care. they are less likely to get enough prenatal care. >> ob/gyn's say the ability to plan is crucial for a woman's health. >> women who have rapid success of pregnancies, pregnancies within one year, are at an increased risk for other publications. >> birth control is not the only reason. >> contraceptives are used to control irregular bleeding. they are used for a treatment of skin conditions. they are useful in treatment for endometriosis. >> they will also be entitled to an annual physical, hpv screening, and counceling. erica edwards, wbal-tv 11 news. >> hd doppler showing big storms
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across part of the baltimore metro area on another hot and humid august day. i thought it was still july. it still feels like it. the storms are big especially reports of cecil county, kent county, but with a 60 mile per hour gusts with some of these as well as the dangerous lightning associated with these strong storms, others are tracking southwest of the city in howard and montgomery counties. they are tracking into northern anne arundel county. a big storm has popped up in baltimore county drifting to the south and east. anyone can pick up a storm in the next one or two hours. the good news is that these storms are part -- popping up ahead of a cool front. they will drop a few degrees, and later in the week, another front. maybe a tolerable seven-day
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forecast. we will check that out in a few minutes. >> police are investigating the shooting deaths of two 15 year- old boys. they say a 15-year-old dominic perry was found in southwest baltimore around 9:00 p.m. last night. he passed away at shock trauma. the second victim has not been identified, but his body was found just one block away. right now, police are still searching for a suspect and motives. police have identified the man whose body was found inside the trunk of a car last friday. 29-year-old hassaan jahad frank was found in east baltimore. he was shot and put in the trunk of a car where police say they have no suspects or motives. a worker is recovering at shock trauma after he was stuck in a trench in pikesville. we were over the scene earlier. the victim was working on my home construction and is being
5:32 pm
treated for non-life-threatening injuries. >> baltimore is one of five cities the opening high school visitors from mexico today. some of them spent the day at morgan state where they shared thoughts and ideas on drugs and violence and how to solve the problem. rob roblin has more. >> the program is called youth in action. the goal is to help american and mexican young people combat violence. >> they told stories about how drugs have affected their lives from america -- >> my father has pushed me. >> and mexico. >> you can see that they are smoking marijuana or using some drugs even in the classrooms. >> the stories are the same. >> the purpose is to bring students together to solve problems.
5:33 pm
>> the value is they get to know what is being done in america and they get to implement what they have learned back home for extra curricular activities and different programs working with students, teachers. today's forum at morgan state university was on solving the drug problems in both countries. >> we all share, and things and we all battle with violence, drugs, abuse. >> in my country, it is the same and we are trying to figure it out together. >> learning about their rehabilitations and how they you can make it different organizations to get teenagers talk of the streets. >> i learned about substance abuse that will go towards our projects. >> 13 students are visiting baltimore and the goal is to get ideas for programs to help solve some of the ideas with drugs and
5:34 pm
violence in both countries. >> to have the opportunity to speak to students from another country dealing with the exact same problem and see how other people are using their knowledge in their communities and culture in order to prevent problems. >> the students will be here for another week. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we welcome the and ambassadors from mexico. and crews searching for missing 11-year-old new hampshire girl find a body in the connecticut river. >> it is time for summer restaurant week. i am kim dacey with the details coming up. >> a lawsuit is filed on the battle of getting in-state tuition breaks to undocumented students. the latest at 6. woman: day care can be expensive.
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>> covering the nation tonight, investigators find a female body near where they are searching for an 11-year-old girl. they were searching the connecticut river for celina cass when they found a body not
5:38 pm
far from rare home. and not yet identified the body. cass was last seen july 25th sitting at her computer. invest it carrying it a group of bicyclist overturned after participating in an event yesterday. the bus overturned when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. fortunately, the passengers were able to escape and no one was seriously injured. no injuries reported after a five-story building collapsed in new york state. it came tumbling down yesterday in a suburb of syracuse. 30 residents in the. did lose power and the red cross helped them until power was restored. the cause of the collapse is still under investigation. >> after weeks in hiding, casey anthony has 72 hours to get back to florida to serve one year of probation. on an orange county judge assigned an amended court order requiring her to serve one year
5:39 pm
of supervised probation. the conditions of the probation or misinterpreted by the department of corrections. anthony and her attorney may be sued by a california producer who claims to have arranged the interview for $1 million. the interview never took place. >> we had a deal. we need to hold them accountable. and also never came in and hijacked the money. >> the offer still stands. his firm is investigating the third party and says he will sue anyone but his client. >> amy winehouse's father wants to set up a rehab in her name. he met with lawmakers and the need for more addicts to have options. they are dealing with a long waiting list and private clinics are very expensive. >> this is not about amy. we were in the position to be
5:40 pm
able to find amy a private rehabing do usurper people who cannot afford it. >> amy winehouse died and the toxicology results are due out later this month. >> the lead, good drivers -- good news for drivers expecting a hike in the tolls. coming up, we take a closer look at travel insurance. do you need it? >> if you have a fear of snakes, this story will give you nightmares. as you can see, this is all caught on cellphone camera. more of this while the video coming up. >> that is not right. a couple of thunderstorms out there on the hd doppler right now. they're developing in hot, humid air. of the cold front on the way will impact the seven-day
5:41 pm
forecast. 94
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>> good afternoon. coming up on 11 news at 6, -- >> what reason was this -- was there or this to happen? a baltimore city police officer who was shot, the teenager is now dead who helped him. supporters of the dream that filed a lawsuit in the effort to keep the legislation from becoming a referendum. will the house and senate approved a measure to raise the debt ceiling? we are live with brigeaking
5:43 pm
>> a story about jellyfish. a 7-year-old boy and his father made this gigantic find.
5:44 pm
they were exploring tide pools when they found this giant lion's mane jellyfish that can grow tentacles up to 100-ft long. we have a great video on our web site if you would like to see that. one tennessee family picked up and not wanted traveling companion. no one was thrilled when a snake slithered onto the windshield as they drove down the interstate. we have the video to prove it. >> the pictures will shock you. a huge snake crawling on the windshield as this couple drive down the expressway. >> it covered the entire hood of. >> rachel says she was driving when her husband grabbed his camera and began taking pictures. >> the next thing i know, it is
5:45 pm
snaking up the hood of our car. >> they believe the snake had somehow crawled inside their engine and when the motor heated up from driving, the snake crawled out through the windshield wiper. the kids are also in the car and for the next few minutes, they drove down the expressway trying to decide what to do. apparently this they decided it was time to make a move. >> we tried to crawl down. >> that goes to the video on youtube. while some people were upset that they did not pull over and let the snake to get off, they feel that the snake did make it to safety after a wild ride. >> it sell-off and curled up in the road. y ratey say it was a grat
5:46 pm
snake. >> i don't care! >> if i were driving them i do not think i would have to maintain composure. >> you know what is it scary? august starting at like a july ended. >> we do not want a repeat of july. >> it will get more tolerable wanted you cool fronts make their way through the region. the first cold front triggering since -- and some showers and storms in to see so, howard, and queen anne's county. it could produce some hail and strong winds. a storm appears to be weakening in now to the eastern part of the county on interstate 95 making its way towards essex and the extreme southern part of hartford county and that area of the metro. further to the south, some
5:47 pm
storms in prince george's county and anne arundel. so far, at bwi marshall, nothing at the rain gauge, but another scorching hot day. 99 officially. 101 at the inner harbor. the record was 100 degrees set just a few years ago, so we were close, but not quite. much warmer than normal for the first day of the month. county on's and can the eastern shore, prince george's, anne arundel, charles county comes as some big storms out there. if you are out and out, watch for some local downpours as these localized storms moved through. 91 parked and, 96 elkton. the heat index topping 100 degrees in many areas east of the mountains. a weak front sliding through and the sky clears going into midnight and beyond. this first front will get passed
5:48 pm
as early tonight and government temperature should drop into the upper 60's in the outlying suburbs. you can see the storms along and ahead of that front which is just now clearing the great lakes. high-pressure should drop this couple degrees tomorrow and the second part of this front is still out of the northern plains and it will arrive on wednesday. that is the one that will cool temperatures off a few more degrees. i do not think he will have a chance to build up quite as severely as it has over the last couple of weeks. sunday tomorrow, breezy, highs in '90's. wind averaging 5-10 knots. 81 and pretty comfortable near decrease -- near deer creek. a good deal of sunshine and another warm day. the humidity levels coming down just a touch. lower eastern shore will be the hot spot of the day. the hurricane center keeping an eye on what could become a family. it is bearing down on the
5:49 pm
caribbean and it looks like a well organized tropical wave. there is an air force 3com plane flying into the area and it defined a well-defined center and 40 mile per hour sustained winds, this will become the fifth named storm. we will keep an eye on it. insta-weather + seven-day. dropping back into the upper 80's with more clouds and a better chance for a shower on wednesday. pretty comfortable thursday was sunny skies and a lower humidity. it could feel the sun. same thing on friday before another round of thunderstorms arrive on saturday. and >> you can get your forecast on facebook. like us on instaweather + forecasts. the link is on >> toll increases for state bridges, tunnels, and roads will most likely be delayed. after hearing the concern, the
5:50 pm
transportation authority is considering changes which could delay the august 25th vote on the increases. the first would go in effect november 1st instead of october 1st. the fed's tonight are probing a second ford-made vehicle for a wheel problem. they say the 2010 mercury mel blanc has been added to an investigation with reports of -- mercury milan. this affects 310,000 vehicles. wheel studs are bolts that hold these to the car. no injuries reported, but in reported cases, the will to become separate from the car. more than a few vacations were literally washed away this past weekend. travel insurance policies promised to protect your investment, but are they worth the money? chris clackum has more. >> on your cruise vacation, you end up getting thrashed about like these people and the question comes up, "does my
5:51 pm
travel insurance cover bad weather/" probably not. >> a lot of times they will not cover natural disasters, some make sure you're well aware of what you're paying for. >> cruise ships and of good satellite technology and they will just change the itinerary. >> for the most part, they can travel around the big storms. >> even going to a tropical resort during the busiest time for hurricanes, travel insurance can be doubly important provided you have the right policy. >> read the fine print. there are a lot of options that may not cover certain aspects of weather delays or may not even cover weather at all. >> more importantly, the more expensive the vacation, the more attractive and insurance becomes. >> of your looking at $1,500 trip, you're looking at travel insurance that could cost you anywhere between $70 at $120.
5:52 pm
>> it is like any insurance. you buy it and hope you never needed. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> at&t has a message for its customers. stop clogging the airwaves. they're going to start limiting speeds for 5% of the customers with unlimited plans that clogged the air with is the most. when at&t stopped signing up for new customers last year, verizon has done the same. officials in annapolis have announced a new recycling nuclear plant. they are adding 18 recycling containers downtown which is part of the clean and green initiative. he hopes to expand to other commercial districts in the coming months. >> recycling is something that is no longer an option. it is something that people expect and demand. i am glad we are able to do this. >> the mayor's plan will make it easier for citizens and visitors
5:53 pm
to recycle. they can reduce the amount of trash going into area landfills at no extra cost to the city. >> michael phelps says he is ready for the 2012 london summer olympic games. he took part in the world championship exercises and finished with four gold medals, two silver, and a bronze. he was using that to figure out what he needs to focus on. >> there is a lot of work still to be done. yes, i am pleased with this week, but i know i can go faster. i can go a lot faster, i think. being able to have the opportunity to have a year where i'm actually going to be in tune and ready to go forward. >> it looks like he is ready. phelps says he will pyxes most recent training program in london. >> taking aim on the referendum on the dream active.
5:54 pm
but more on the lawsuit filed today challenging the signatures on the petition. >> baltimore summer restaurant week kicks off this credit. i am kim dacey and i have everything in need to know coming up. you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway?
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>> it is that time again where you can try great restaurants for reasonable prices. summer restaurant week starts against friday. kim dacey has the details.
5:57 pm
>> they are gearing up for sixth annual summer restaurant week. >> what we try to do is come up with some difference that that is maybe not on our menu. that we people know what we have that is going on and can show people what we do. >> the number of restaurants for debating has grown every year. there are 90 now to choose from. all the restaurants have fixed menus, but the three-course lunch and five-course dinner and money going to a good cause. >> last year, we decided we wanted to help the less fortunate, for every part is abating restaurant, $50 will go towards the journey home, a 10- year program to end homelessness. >> of it is running august 5th- 14th giving businesses a boost during the slow summer when a lot of people are on vacation. >> at this year, it will be probably one of the busiest weeks of the year. it does bring people into the restaurants for us, so it will
5:58 pm
save us. >> organizers hope you'll make a reservation and take advantage of the good deals to help local businesses at the same time. >> these are some of the best restaurants in the city. it is also a good way you love baltimore to just promote the city. last year, restaurant week will officially start with the appetizer challenge at the harbor place at the theater. then the restaurant deals will start on friday. and in canton, kim dacey, wbal- tv 11 news. >> to make a reservation or more an aberration, you can find a link on our website. that is at present by the clock. coming up 6:00. >> can deal get through congress? a critical vote could be minutes away. >> the first lawsuit is filed in the battle of giving undocumented students the tuition break. details to ahead.
5:59 pm
when two teenagers killed in southwest baltimore. details in the police investigation coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> storms on the upper eastern shore. big storms in the area. >> so we have an insta-weather alert. >> of a thunderstorm warnings in effect for parts of the eastern shore, prince george's, and anne arundel county as the storm jurists to the north -- south and east. these were around 100 degrees and have plenty of humidity. it is crossing the bay and heading to the eastern shore. of these storms are the kind that can produce quarter-sized hail and gusts up to 60 miles per hour. it will not stick around for very long, but the rain comes down a good clip. down a good clip.


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